Associated Consultants

  • STUART MACDONALD - Mechanical Engineer 
  • PETER JOHNSON - Land Drainage Engineer 
  • TREVOR BEAUMONT - Irrigation Engineer 
  • RON ALLEN - Pump Engineer 
  • JIM COOMBER - Electrical & Building Services 
  • ED ATKINSON - Sedimentation specialist, hydraulic modeller and software developer 
  • JOHN TRACEY-WHITE - Architectural Engineer and Planner 
  • ZOE SAYER - Geologist
  • IAN ALSOP - Water Resources Engineer
  • NEIL MUNRO - Land Use Planner 
  • IAN CARTER - Dams and Reservoirs Specialist 
  • STUART MACDONALD - Mechanical Engineer

    Stuart MacDonald is a mechanical engineer with 35 years experience in the hydropower industry. He worked for Boving Valves, Kvaerner-Boving, GE Energy, Hochtief and Poyry before becoming an independent consultant to Adrian Laycock ltd. He was Mechanical/Electrical Coordinator on the 100MW Glendoe Project on Loch Ness. He has been involved in numerous overseas projects including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Latin America, Sudan, Indonesia, Ghana, India, Uganda, South Africa, Turkey, Albania, Iran and Russia. Email for a full C.V.

    Country Experience
    Albania Ghana India
    Indonesia Iran Latin America
    Pakistan South Africa Sri Lanka
    Sudan Turkey Uganda


    PETER JOHNSON - Land Drainage Engineer

    Peter Johnson holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from Leeds University and has over 30 years experience in land drainage, irrigation and rural development. More than 25 years of this has been spent overseas in more than 24 countries in Asia, South America and Africa. His main expertise is in the investigation, design, review of designs and construction supervision of irrigation and drainage projects using both surface and groundwater resources. Since 1985 he has been an independent consultant, prior to which he worked with large international consulting firms. Email for a full C.V.

    Country Experience
    Argentina Ethiopia Nigeria
    Armenia India Pakistan
    Bahrain Indonesia Romania
    Bangladesh Iraq Saudi Arabia
    Burma Kenya St Lucia
    Dominican Republic Liberia Turkey
    Ecuador Malawi Viet Nam
    Egypt Malaysia  
          Supervising installation of subsurface drainage.


    TREVOR BEAUMONT - Irrigation and Environmental Engineer

    Trevor Beaumont holds a BSc in Agricultural Engineering, and MSc in Irrigation Engineering. He is a specialist in field engineering for irrigation and drainage, and is experienced in surface, sprinkler and drip irrigation design, surveying and aerial photo use in engineering, GPS topographic surveying, use of computers in irrigation design, selection of pumps and pump stations, maintenance of irrigation schemes, the design and construction of small embankment dams, supervision of civil contracts, on the job training of Counterpart staff. He is increasingly involved in environmental engineering for sugar factories which produce large amounts of high-BOD waste water. Email for a full C.V.  

    Country Experience
    Ethiopia Nepal Syria Zambia
    Indonesia Pakistan Thailand Zimbabwe
    Jamaica Seychelles United Kingdom


    This sugar factory waste management project in Jamaica includes collection system, plastic lined earth pond, pump station, tanker loading system and field application system, all designed and supervised by Trevor Beaumont.


    RON ALLEN - Pump Engineer

    Ron Allen has over 45 years experience in the design, development, manufacturing and installation of pumps and pumping systems, and field installation testing and inspection of electrical and diesel-driven pumps. He now specialises in pumped effluent management for landfill sites, and has recently developed plastic borehole pumps capable of handling highly corrosive liquids. He worked for several large UK pump manufacturing companies as sales engineer, design engineer, chief engineer, engineering manager and technical director. Since 1985 he has been a specialist consultant, and has worked as pump applications consultant to Adrian Laycock Ltd since 1988. He has considerable practical expertise in addition to a detailed theoretical knowledge of pump design and operation. Email for a full C.V.

    Country Experience
    Australia Nigeria
    Egypt Saudi Arabia
    Europe U.A.E.
    India United Kingdom
        Installing a submersible pump for irrigation, Karnataka, India.


    ED ATKINSON - Sedimentation Specialist, Hydraulic Modeller and Software Developer
    Ed Atkinson has 20 years experience in sedimentation issues related to irrigation systems and reservoirs and in numerical modelling for hydraulics. After graduating in engineering from Cambridge University, he joined HR Wallingford Ltd in 1983 to work for the Overseas Development Unit. He undertook research and consultancy studies on issues such as sediment extractors for irrigation canal systems, sediment exclusion at intakes, river modelling, feasibility of flushing reservoirs, modelling reservoir sedimentation, small dams and the accuracy of sediment measurements. The work also involved designing and delivering training courses, developing numerical models, designing and implementing field measurement programs and software development. Ed has worked independently since 2001. His combination of experience in software development and water has proved useful to clients requiring specialist new software.

    Email for a full C.V.

    Country Experience
    China South Africa
    India Tanzania
    Malaysia Thailand
    Nepal United Kingdom
    Pakistan Vietnam


    JOHN TRACEY-WHITE - Architectural Engineer and Planner

    John Tracey-White trained as a construction surveyor (FRICS), planner and architect, together with short-term training in landscape design and conservation. Since 1978 he has worked as an independent consultant, both in the UK and overseas, mostly for United Nations agencies. His main areas of expertise are the design and conservation of low-cost structures, particularly in the use of labour-based and appropriate technology. He also undertakes site planning studies and formulation of rural infrastructure, marketing and transport projects, including assessment of their technical, socio-economic and environmental impact. Email for a full C.V.


    Design and construction of a timber-framed rural market
    in Mongar, Bhutan for the FAO (United Nations)
    Undertaking a participatory evaluation with local villagers of low-cost road, water supply, small-scale irrigation and school projects in Cambodia for UNDP.

    Design plans for greenhouse utilising solar panels.Design plans for greenhouse utilising solar panels.

    Country Experience
    Armenia Czech Republic Kuwait Nigeria Trinidad & Tobago
    Bangladesh Egypt Laos PDR Poland Thailand
    Bhutan Georgia Malaysia Sierra Leone UAE
    Brunei Ghana Mexico Slovak Republic UK
    Bulgaria Guyana Moldova Spain Vanuatu
    Cambodia India Morocco Sri Lanka Yemen
    China Indonesia Lesotho Sudan
    Croatia Jordan Nepal Tanzania (& Zanzibar)


    JIM COOMBER - Electrical and Building Services Engineer
    An Cuilionn Consultancy, Stromeferry, Ross-shire

    Jim Coomber holds a degree in electical and electronic engineering from City University, London. He worked for 33 years as an engineer in the UK electricity supply industry, and since 1998 has had his own consultancy specialising in mechanical and electrical work in buildings. He is a hands-on specialist in underfloor heating and electronic control systems, with particular expertise in heat pumps and solar energy. Email for a full C.V.


    NEIL MUNRO - Land Use Planner

    Neil Munro is a land use planner with 31 years of geographical and technical experience gained in 62 countries. He has worked on 54 technical and development projects in the evaluation of land resources for agricultural development; on environmental impact assessments; on design of watershed management programmes; on the practical aspects of sand dune dynamics and dune stabilisation; and in geo-archaeology. He is skilled in aerial photo interpretation and use of remote sensing tools. Formerly he was with HTS Development (Hunting Technical Services Ltd.) and is now an Independent Consultant working for a wide range of clients.
    He has made studies of Soils and their suitability for a wide range of potential land uses, and recently this has included assessment of Contaminated Land and its remediation at a former gasworks site in Scotland. He has considerable experience of land use planning for rural development and in the design, rehabilitation and reclamation of Irrigation Projects in many parts of Africa and Asia. Environmental Assessments have been made on river basin floods, petroleum pipeline developments, ecosystems, transboundary water issues, desertification, and irrigation schemes. Field experience in Geoarchaeology included establishing an environmental monitoring system at the Rose Theatre in London, and currently he is participating on various excavations in Arabia and the Near East as an advisor on geomorphology, soils, landscapes and natural resource management. Email for a full C.V.
    Developing Nations Experience
    Afghanistan Ethiopia Lebanon Saudi Arabia Yemen
    Bahrain Ghana Malaysia Somalia
    Egypt Indonesia Nigeria Sudan
    El Salvador Jordan Oman Tanzania
    Eritrea Kenya Pakistan West Bank / Gaza
    European Experience
    Germany Ireland Italy Sweden United Kingdom


    ZOE SAYER - Geologist

    Zoe Sayer has a PhD in Geology from Durham University and worked as a consultant in the oil industry, specialising in sedimentology and reservoir geology, with a particular emphasis on carbonates. She has worked on major oil reservoirs from Tertiary to Infracambrian age, particularly in the Middle East, looking at the influences on porosity development and preservation, facies distribution, sequence stratigraphy and diagenesis, and the relationship between these and geological structure. She also has expertise in large scale mapping of reservoir horizons, interpretation of geological maps and the interpretation of borehole data (wireline logs, ditch cuttings, core analysis data and core logging).

    Country Experience
    Abu Dhabi France Oman Qatar South Africa Switzerland Venezuela
    Denmark Libya Pakistan Saudi Arabia Spain UK (North Sea and onshore)
    Email for a full C.V.


    IAN ALSOP - Water Resources Engineer

    Ian Alsop has 45 years experience in the planning, design and construction of major water resource projects. These include large irrigation projects in Iraq, Indonesia and Nigeria, major hydropower schemes in Nigeria, and small to medium scale hydropower projects in Scotland. He was responsible for the conceptual and preliminary design work for the Mambilla Plateau hydro electric scheme in Nigeria. With a gross generating head of 960m, an annual energy output of up to 6300 GWh/a and an installed capacity of 2600MW, it is potentially the largest high-head scheme in the world. He was also the instigator of several other large dams in northern Nigeria. He graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Durham in 1961, and gained a Diploma in Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Delft. He worked for international consultants Sir M MacDonald & Partners, and established Diyam Consultants in Nigeria

    Country Experience
    Iraq Indonesia Nigeria United Kingdom
    Email for a full C.V.


    IAN CARTER - Dams and Reservoirs Specialist

    Ian Carter is a Chartered Engineer with 39 years experience in the civil engineering industry. He specialises in the engineering of dams and reservoirs and has broad experience across the sector. His involvement on projects has included conceptual planning, investigation, feasibility studies, detailed design, supervision of construction and decommissioning. He has been employed by Reservoir Safety Services Ltd, MWH (UK) Ltd and several other UK and International Consultants during his career. In 1996 Ian was appointed to the All Reservoirs Panel and has acted as a Qualified Civil Engineer under the UK’s Reservoirs Act, 1975 for the last 20 years. This authorises him to carry out safety inspections and to oversee the design and construction of dams and reservoirs in Great Britain and certify their operation. Ian has considerable experience in the operation of the Reservoirs Act 1975, which can be summarised as follows:
    • Inspecting Engineer on over 350 statutory inspections of large raised reservoirs in the UK, Isle of Man and Jersey.
    • Construction Engineer on over 35 new flood storage, non-impounding irrigation reservoirs, service reservoirs /tanks, and raising schemes for impounding reservoirs.
    • Qualified Civil Engineer overseeing the investigation, design and execution of safety, remedial or improvement works on over 120 reservoirs including issue of certificates.

    Country Experience
    United Kingdom Brunei Jersey Malaysia
    Ireland Philippines Greece Indonesia
    United Arab Emirates Papua New Guinea Sri Lanka Fiji
    United States New Zealand Panama Hong Kong
    Email for a full C.V.

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